Most Iconic and Most Successful Cycling Team of All Time


2002 – Rescue and Rebirth

2002 Flandria

Sixteen years later, Flandria was resurrected. The trademark was purchased by an Englishman, Adam Longworth. An engineering graduate and passionate racing cyclist. His goal was to rescue the Flandria name and restore it to its rightful place. Flandria once again became a family business.

Flandria was relaunched in the UK in 2004, proudly bearing an updated version of the De West-Vlaamsche Leeuw logo on the head tube. Great emphasis was placed on the importance of remaining true to the heritage and spirit of the original Flandria designs. At the same time, the most technologically-advanced construction materials and techniques available in the 21st Century were fully incorporated.

2002 Flandria Koppenberg Adam Longworth