Most Iconic and Most Successful Cycling Team of All Time

The Enduring Flandria Legacy

During the 20 years of their existence, the Flandria team and Flandria bicycles were the dominant force in professional cycling. While other teams were able to field a single star rider for short periods, no other team has had such a diverse array of champions as Flandria, and no other team gave so many future champions their break in professional cycling. All of the big names of Belgian cycling wore the famous Flandria colours at some point in their careers; the only exception was Eddy Merckx, who did not fit with the Flandria ethos of refusing to build a team around a single rider. Flandria were always the team to beat in the Classics, completely steamrollering the opposition. They amassed an utterly staggering 70 (seventy) Classics victories. No other team in history was so consistently excellent as Flandria, in both the Grand Tours and the Classics.

Flandria Legacy