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1956 - Family Feud

1956 Flandria
It seemed that nothing could halt the expansion of the company. But behind the scenes, all was not well, as sibling rivalry was beginning to surface. Aimé and Remi often disagreed and this eventually led to a bitter family feud, which came to a head in 1956. Werkhuizen Gebroeders Claeys was dissolved and the new factory in Zedelgem was split between the two brothers. A brick wall was built, right down the middle of the factory. So bitter was the feud that brand-new, unmoveable machines, costing millions of Belgian Francs, were cut in half and the wall built straight through them - neither brother would make a concession.  

Aimé kept the Flandria brand name, calling his new company A.Claeys-Flandria, whilst Remi named his half of the Zedelgem factory Remi Claeys-Superia. This caused the quarrel to escalate even further – Superia was the name of the best selling Flandria moped at the time. Remi, however, did not have his older brother’s vision or genius, as far as two wheels were concerned. Superia often copied Flandria’s models, but without much success.