• The Flandria Professional is designed for performance, speed AND comfort.

    (The Professional model is retired and remains for reference purposes only)


  • Integrated Seat Mast
    Reduced weight relative to traditional systems. The aerofoil shape also gives a significant aerodynamic advantage.

    Bi-Axial Downtube and Oversize Bottom Bracket
    Shaped for performance, the Professional’s downtube is ovalized where it meets the oversize bottom bracket. This results in increased stiffness, exactly where it is needed, ensuring that every single watt you produce is transmitted directly into forward motion.

    Oversize Aero Seat and Chain Stays
    Designed to transmit all your power to the rear wheel while at the same time slipping easily through the air, and absorbing road shock.

    3K Carbon
    The Professional features a stylish, top-quality “3K” small-weave carbon finish.

    Frame average weight: 1120g (230mm uncut seat mast)
    Fork weight: 330g


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