Competition (Discontinued)

  • Carbon fibre with Nanotube technology, the Flandria Competition is a great all-rounder. It performs equally well in top-class races over the cobbles of Flanders, in Sportives and on Sunday club rides

  • Carbon Nanotubes
    Microscopic cylinders of carbon atoms are mixed with resin before it is applied to carbon sheets. The nanotubes seep into gaps between carbon strands that are usually filled by resin alone, greatly increasing the strength and durability of the finished product. As the nanotubes are significantly lighter than the resin they replace, overall weight is reduced.

    Asymmetric Headset
    The oversized lower headset bearing and fork crown greatly enhances steering precision and helps dissipate vibrations from the front wheel.

    Curved Seat Stays
    A slightly curved profile provides an enhanced level of comfort while at the same time offering greater lateral stiffness.

    3K Carbon
    The Competition features a high-quality “3K” small-weave carbon finish.

    Frame average weight: 980g
    Fork weight: 365g

    Maximum tyre size 23mm - we recommend Michelin

    Available as a Frameset or Complete Bike

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  • At this time, due the expense of shipping complete bikes worldwide, complete bikes are only available in the UK. Contact us for your build requirements

    However, we do ship framesets internationally